Feb 07
We're thrilled that our Achiever Medical lab information management software has been shortlisted for this Medilink Innovation award. This award nomination is a strong recognition of the important role that Achiever Medical plays in supporting tissue banks and researchers to ensure that generously donated samples are used to further research. Sharon Williams, Director, Interactive Software Limited

Achiever Medical LIMS and Biobanking software shortlisted for the Medilink West Midlands Medical & Business Awards 2020

We’re delighted to announce that our Achiever Medical laboratory information management software for tissue banks has been shortlisted for the Medilink West Midlands Medical & Business Awards.

We’ve been shortlisted in the Innovation award category for our unique dynamic translation tool. Our translation tool is a key component of our link with the online UKCRC Tissue Directory.

The UKCRC Tissue Directory (UKCRCTD) is a web-based portal where researchers can source tissue samples from providers across the UK. The online UKCRC Tissue Directory aims to address the gap between the demand and provision for high quality research tissue with supporting data. Tissue banks are encouraged to submit their sample holdings data to the online directory regularly.

However, highly stretched tissue banks often find it difficult and time consuming to pull together tissue bank data. Then transform it into the directory’s standardised terminology and required format.

Consequently, many tissue banks end up only submitting their data once a year. This means that Biobanks aren’t fully showcasing what they have to offer. Plus, any data they are showing is probably out of date. As a result, researchers could unwittingly be requesting samples that are no longer available. At best this results in both Biobanks and researchers wasting valuable time. At worst, it could mean a loss of opportunity as well as having a negative impact on the tissue bank’s reputation.

How our dynamic translation tool and link to the UKCRC tissue directory helps tissue banks

We developed our Achiever Medical software to make it easier for tissue banks to send their sample holdings data regularly to the online directory. Achiever Medical connects to the UKCRC Tissue Directory’s RESTful API to automatically send selected sample data as often as the tissue bank wants.

Achiever Medical is the first laboratory information management system to offer tissue banks this functionality. However, what makes Achiever Medical unique is its dynamic translation tool. Using this tool a tissue bank can carry on using their own local data terms and tags within their Achiever Medical system. This avoids users spending hours manipulating data every time they need to upload data. What’s more, as they don’t have to change terminology they don’t need to update processes or retrain staff.

A Biobank sets up the translations in Achiever Medical once. Importantly, this includes translations of both field (column) definitions and data values. The software then handles the rest automatically.

By using Achiever Medical’s link to the UKCRC Tissue Directory tissue banks are able to upload sample holdings data regularly. Above all they can do this while saving time and removing errors often associated with manual processing. All this results in an improved service and greater visibility of samples available for researchers. Plus, it helps make sure that valuable samples are used for their intended purpose – to further research.

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